About Us

Hera Food - Established Since 2002

Hera Food has been providing the Hamtramck and Detroit area with top quality food since 2002, with our newly established location in Warren, MI, we thrive to provide top quality food as we have in Hamtramck and Detroit area. Our customers are our number one priority.

We carry a large selection of imported Bangladeshi fish, vegetables and spices. Fresh Zabihah Halal meat & poultry are available and can be cut to any size per your desire. Fresh cookies, snacks, chips, juice, baby food formula, cereal, canned food, middle eastern groceries and many kind of spices are available and in stock.

We have cooking pots, rice cooker, plates, cup and other kitchen items.

In The Press!

"On Holbrook Avenue, Hera Fish Market opened last year because fish is a dietary staple for people from Bangladesh, said owner Mohammed Rahman, also from that area.

Hera Fish Market carries three dozen frozen fish varieties from Bangladesh, Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Thailand, plus 10 types of fresh catches from Canada. "We're looking strictly for quality fish," Rahman said."

By Michelle O. Jiompkowski
The Detroit News
Wednesday, January 29, 2003